Yearbook Donation/Submission Program





*** pays $5.00 per donated yearbook!  To donate 1 or more yearbook(s), please print and fill out our Yearbook Donation/Submission Form
and include it in the package with your yearbooks.  Yearbook donation/submission form and yearbooks can be mailed to this address:
P.O. Box 30
Kirkwood, NY 13795



Copyright law in regard to yearbooks

Yearbooks printed prior to January 1, 1978 that do not contain a copyright notice (©) are not bound by copyright restrictions.
Yearbooks printed after 1963 that contain a copyright notice and all yearbooks printed after December 31, 1977 are bound by copyright restrictions.  By signing
the donation agreement in the latter case, the donor is stating that the copyright holder grants permission to to publish the yearbooks online.

By signing the donation form, you are stating one of the following: a) your donations are not bound by copyright restrictions; b) you, the donor, own the copyright;
or c) the copyright holder grants permission to to publish and display your donations in digital format for the use of its guests and members.



Additional information

Shipping costs for donated yearbooks are covered by the submitter and not by does provide compensation for donated yearbooks at the rate of $5.00 per yearbook.

If you have any questions about yearbook donations, please contact us at  Thank you!




** Note: Please ensure you have configured your e-mail client to receive e-mail from our domain, Two good ways of doing this are 1) adding to your contacts or 2) creating a filter to allow incoming e-mail from our e-mail address.  Thank you!








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